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Hercules Cotton Shirt

Soft, Breathable Shirts

Celebrate your favorite hero from the classic greek mythology and beloved animated movie! Wear your favorite characters from Hercules himself, to Hades, and even Hade's minions! The most comfortable shirts to wear on any day of the season!

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resin Earrings


Hand made resin earrings that are safe for sensitive skin and made to wear comfortably for any event!

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Custom Shirts

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If there's a project in mind for a shirt that you just need to have for a trip, please email me with your information and a quote will be provided in 24 hours!

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    Give the gift of love to your favorite book worm. Floral bookmarks are made to order and make the perfect gift for any holiday or birthday!

  • Floral Resin Earrings

    Made to order earrings to sport out at the parks for any season! Have a specific season theme in mind? Contact me for custom work!

  • Standard Print Book Marks

    If resin book marks don't suit you, there are printed bookmarks available to purchase to better track where you left off in your favorite book!

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